With hand-picked stories about women innovators, we tell the personal stories of women leading alternative lifestyles, designing their own futures and making ripples in the status quo. Mythogynist seeks to find and tweeze out the stories of women around the world whose lives or life work are changing the world for the next generation in powerful ways. How, might you ask? By innovating it.


This project explores women in many areas: those pushing the limits of their industry, those building industries, those pursuing alternative lifestyles, orchestrating events or creating a business of their own. What we found were a collection of stories about grit, prowess and innovation, in sometimes unexpected places. 


Our goal is to give life to these stories so that they reach the minds and hearts of others who may be inspired by them or inspired to contribute to them. 


Mythogynist is a newly established multi-media organization compiling an online journal that hosts cutting edge and inspirational photographs, film and articles from 500 to 5,000 words about contemporary women in the arts, sciences, adventure and culture.