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Many people fantasize about writing a book but it’s hard to stay disciplined enough to do it. Can you tell us a bit about the ways you held yourself accountable in making it happen? (I’m baiting a little bit about the Trump campaign donation/anti-charity but also would love to hear about your writing while traveling and how you made a space in your life to write).


 If your readers finish your book and walk away with one thought or take away, what do you hope it is?


What is female sexual dysfunction? Can you tell me a bit about why you think it’s an important discussion?


What was your career/daily life like before you decided to take your journey into writing and trainings?


What compelled you to take your first training on the Sacred Feminine in Bali? What was this training?


What was the most important mental or personal change that you came away with after this training?


What are three books, podcasts, poems or films that you think every woman should know about?


What personal practice, piece of media (book, poem, podcast, etc.), or idea has most dramatically changed your life in the last two years?


What misconception about sex or the feminine experience do you most wish the public would dispel?


If you could go back in time and tell your 25 year old self something that you know now, what would it be?